Cellulose Insulation In Albany, New York

Cellulose Insulation Installation

Home insulation is a necessity if you want to turn your home into an energy-efficient place and save money on heating and cooling costs. Insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Your HVAC system is going to work less to both heat and cool your place which is going to show a noticeable reduction in your electricity bills.

Additionally, insulation can also help absorb sound and helps you have a more quiet and relaxing space. There is a wide range of materials that can be used for home insulation and one of the most popular is cellulose, this is one of the oldest forms of insulation but it has proven to be so effective that it is still used on both new and existing homes.

Epic Building Solutions is a full service insulation contractor based out of Albany, New York and serving the surrounding area. We specialize in installing blown in cellulose insulation into our customers homes and buildings. We can insulate ceilings, attics, walls, and basement spaces with cellulose.

Cellulose insulation comes from any cellular plant source but commercial cellulose typically comes from wood and paper fiber such as recycled newspaper, cardboard, and other waste paper products. Modern cellulose insulation is made of approximately 85% ground-up recycled paper which makes this material an eco-friendly solution as it is more environmentally friendly than fiberglass, another popular material that only has approximately 50% recycled content.

Cellulose insulation is often treated with boric acid, borax, or ammonium sulfate, these are weak, non-harmful chemicals that are completely safe for your household but still offer powerful flame retardant properties and they also help reduce pest issues.

Cellulose Vs. Fiberglass Insulation

Apart from the fact that cellulose is more environmentally friendly than fiberglass, it is also denser which is a beneficial property if you don't have enough space in your attic or other areas in your home to add much insulation. Another important aspect that you have to keep in mind when you are looking for insulation is the R-value which refers to the performance of the insulation when blocking thermal heat transfer. The higher the R-value the better it will perform, both fiberglass and cellulose have a similar R-value but it can be increased or reduced based on the amount of insulation used.

Advantages of Using Cellulose Insulation

  • It can settle around and conform to any small areas that you wish to insulate in your walls and attic. You can even use a machine to blow the cellulose insulation into a wall or space that is already finished.
  • It can slow down airflow and prevent any air leakage from your structure.
  • Cellulose insulation can resist airborne sound transfer which means that it also absorbs sounds and can help you have a quiet and more peaceful space in your home or building.
  • Thanks to the chemicals that are used to treat the material, cellulose insulation is resistant to mold, pests, and fire.
  • It has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years so this is an investment that you can expect to last a long time.

Cellulose Insulation Installation Albany New York

There are two ways to install cellulose insulation. The first one is blown-in or dense packed. You can also use a spray that is applied with moisture to help the insulation "stick" to inside spaces.

The blown in cellulose insulation installation involves using a machine that blows the cellulose into the area where it's going to insulate. However, many modern homes are now using wet cellulose spray. A small amount of moisture is added to the spray nozzle tip before applying it to the surface. It has the same thermal and sound retardant properties as dense packing and it is usually installed in new construction before the drywall is up as it will stick to the surfaces.

Professional Cellulose Installation

Your home insulation is an important aspect of your homes thermal performance that could also increase your home's value and also your comfort so you need to do your research and hire a reliable professional company to help you choose the best insulation type and the right installation technique.

Cellulose must be installed to a specific depth after settling (depending on the R-value you are trying to achieve). If you are going to install it using the dry blown technique then you need to know how to use the machine, and installing the cellulose insulation in places like the attic could actually be dangerous if you don't take the necessary preventative measures.

The best way to ensure your house has the right insulation is to contact a licensed and experienced company in Albany, New York. Experts will know how to install the cellulose insulation in those hard-to-reach places and ensure the final result has the maximum performance possible. Epic Building solutions is a full-service insulation contractor based in Albany, New York that specializes in installing blow-in cellulose insulation in attics, walls, crawlspaces, basements, and any other area in your home that require insulation.

Our Cellulose Insulation Installation Process

We pride ourselves on our workmanship, our professionalism, and our ability to complete these potentially messy insulation installations without making a mess of our customers home or building.

#1. When you contact us we will ask you a few questions about your home, it's age, square footage, and type of insulation you have currently. We will need to arrange a time to visit your home and inspect the project.

#2. After viewing your project and determining what you need for insulation and any special considerations for your particular project, we can provide you with an estimate with iron-clad pricing that's not going to change. We are very competitive with our pricing.

#3. When you have accepted the estimate we will schedule a day and time for our installation team to complete your project. We will arrive on time and we will get to work quickly. Most of these projects can be completed in just one day.

#4. We will install your new cellulose insulation using our specialized equipment. We will take extra care to protect any areas we will be working in and we always keep our machines outside of your home.

The end result for you will be a more comfortable, quieter, and more efficient home.

If you'd like to receive an estimate to install blown-in cellulose insulation into your New York home please give us a call (518) 801-0809 or fill out our online form and someone will get back to you quickly.