Home Energy Audits

Epic Building Solutions is an insulation and home efficiency contractor based out of Albany, New York and serving the surrounding area. We specialize in providing our clients with a FREE home energy audit to determine where improvements can be made within their home or building. In most cases, especially with older homes, insulation is one of the first upgrades we suggest to our customers. If your home isn't properly insulated with modern high-performance insulation you are literally burning money in higher electric bills and missing out on a more comfortable home for you and your family. Schedule your FREE home energy audit today and find out how we can help!

What Do We Look For During A Home Energy Audit?

There are many things we will look for and the first thing we usually do is determine the age of your home and when it was built. This will help us hone-in on the specific areas that we already know will likely need an upgrade.

We're Looking For Things Like:

  • Drafty windows or door sills
  • Poor attic ventilation
  • Poor attic insulation
  • Inadequate wall ventilation
  • Poor performing HVAC systems
  • Visible moisture or water leaks

How Do Our Energy Audits Work?

  • Step #1. You need to contact us to schedule a day and time for your FREE home energy audit.
  • Step #2. We'll show up on the specified day and time and introduce ourselves.
  • Step #3. We will ask you a few questions about your home and any areas you are concerned with.
  • Step #4. We will perform our home energy audit, taking note of our findings.
  • Step #5. We will determine if you qualify for the NYSERDA Empower Program (see below)
  • Step #6. We will provide you with a detailed list of our recommendations along with the approximate estimates on how much electricity you could be saving on an annual basis.
  • Step #7. You can hire us to complete these upgrades or if you qualify through the Empower program you may qualify for the improvements with ZERO charge to you.

EmPower Program For New York Residents

The Empower program has provided nearly 160,000 income-eligible New York families with upgrades to their home insulation, draft reduction, high-efficiency lighting, and even appliance upgrades 100% FREE. The Empower program is available to New York State homeowners or renters with an income at or below 60% of the State median income.


In order to qualify for the Empower program homeowners and renters must meet income requirements. You may be eligible for the Empower program if you can answer "yes" to these statements:

  • I live in a home or building with 100 units or fewer.
  • My household income is below 60 percent of the state median income OR I participate in a utility payment assistance program.
  • I am an electricity customer of Con Edison, Central Hudson, NYSEG National Grid, Orange and Rockland, Rochester Gas & Electric and pay SBC OR heat with oil, propane, or kerosene.
  • I am responsible for paying our homes utility bills.

Epic Building Solutions is an approved contractor for the Empower program. With one of our FREE home energy audits we can help identify if you qualify for this program. We can explain how the program works, walk you through the process and once you are approved (if eligible) for funding, we can then make the energy saving improvements to your home.

Energy Improvements That Qualify

  • Installation of high efficiency lighting
  • Upgraded insulation and draft reduction

There is NO application fee, NO processing fees, and ZERO out of pocket expense for the energy upgrades to your home if you qualify for this program.

Don't delay on this program if you think you might qualify! The program has a limited amount of funding and it's a first-come-first serve basis. If you qualify for the program you'll get a more comfortable home and be keeping more money in your own pocket. Schedule your FREE home energy audit today and find out if you qualify!

If you'd like to receive one of our FREE comprehensive home energy audits please give us a call (518) 801-0809 or fill out our online form and someone will get back to you quickly.